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Are you tired?  Are you burned out?  It’s time to take a break and call PartnerCare Health.

Is Dad lonely?  Is Mom looking for someone to listen to her beautiful memories and stories?

PartnerCare Health, LLC, offers full-service in-home caregiver support.  No matter what your family needs, no matter what your loved one needs help with, PartnerCare Health is staffed and ready to offer the contributions of time and skill.

PartnerCare Health is there to provide safe and compassionate care in your home.

PartnerCare Health is fully licensed and insured.  You can trust us.


Home Care

Does your loved one need help around the house?  Can they fix their nails?  Are they still able to dress themselves?  Do they remember to take their medication?

If the answer to just ONE of those question is “NO” then it’s time call PartnerCare Health.

PartnerCare Health helps your loved one remain stable and the best they can be for as long as possible in their own familiar environment — their home.  Our clients have the option to request light housekeeping and meal preparation.  Nutrition and a clean environment play a major role in the well-being of the elderly and our caregivers give the family a break from their daily duties. 

Our caregivers provide personal care, including bathing, dressing, toileting, and grooming services.  We want our clients to feel their best, and hygiene is a large part of feeling good.  Caregivers provide medication reminders because they are so critical to the health maintenance of your loved one.  

Medical Appointment Assistance:  Our home care caregivers are available to accompany your loved one to their medical appointments.  We can help communicate with the medical provider to ensure your family member’s information is conveyed correctly and in full.

Review the list of our concierge services:

Companion Care

Is Dad lonely and wishing for someone to listen to his stories from the past?  Is Mom looking for someone to  share her beautiful memories of when her kids were growing up?  How long has it been since someone sat with Mom and looked at her picture albums, hour after hour?

Our caregivers are not just providers:  they are companions dedicated to our clients’ well-being.  They offer a listening ear and bring warmth, joy and a sense of connection.  This is priceless to the elderly.

Long Distance Caregiver

Does your loved one live in the Greater Houston area and you live miles away?  Are you worried about what’s going on with your loved one when you live so far away?  Are these some of the things that keep you up at night?

If your loved one is struggling with age-related challenges such as cognitive decline or mobility issues, and if you live remote, you can be sure that you can depend on a reliable caregiver in times of need.   Your loved one can continue to live in their familiar and comfortable home much longer with help from PartnerCare Health.

PartnerCare Health can reach your loved one much sooner than you can.  Just call us now to get an account set up in case of an emergency.

We also will provide a wellness-check upon request.. 

Memory / Dementia Care 

Has your loved one forgotten to turn off the stove?  Has your loved one been found wandering down the street unaccompanied?  Did your loved one remember to feed the dog?  Are you tired of walking behind your loved one, Mom or Dad?  Does your loved one experience “sundowning”?

Our clients with dementia have unique needs that require our caregivers to act with compassion and patience while caring for your loved one.  We provide a safe, nurturing environment and give your loved one dignity and respect.

We tailor a plan of care, working with your family, to suite the unique needs of your loved one.  At PartnerCare Health, our caregivers are patient and compassionate while caring for your loved one.  

These are situations when you need PartnerCare Health.  We can shoulder part of your burden.

Respite Care

Do you need a break?  Do you need a breath of fresh air?  Would you like to have a 2-hour lunch with your best friend?

When family caregivers need a rest or when they have errands to run, or if they just need “ME TIME,” PartnerCare Health is there to offer relief and support while the family takes a well-deserved break, while  your loved one is in the safe and compassionate hands of a PartnerCare Health caregiver.

Take your break and come back refreshed.

End-of-Life Care

Are you emotionally drained?  Do you need an emotional re-fill?  How does a helping hand sound?  PartnerCare Health is just a phone call away:  832-999-4747.

End-of-Life care services offer physical and emotional support for individuals with a terminal illness during their final stages of life.  Our caregivers will keep your loved one as comfortable as possible, addressing pain and other symptoms, along with the hospice team.  We will also support you and your family, providing a helping hand whenever you need one during this difficult time. 

We provide more information on our separate page End-of-Life.

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We strive to maintain the capacity to accept, tolerate and be long-suffering


We treat the whole person to include emotional, cultural, spiritual & physical needs and concerns


We are honest & ethical in the care we promise to provide.